lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Things I got

So, the necklace you see right there its actually a clock *o* you push that thing in its head and it opens its two wings allowing you to see the clock *o*, I don`t feel like talking too much , but I have to show you gurls what I`ve been collecting (?) from january to this april month enjoy :3

A little bit blurry pic and a me with a MASSIVE LACK OF MAKE UP! my new camera, nikon coolpix p100 :3

Mario Bros headphones I got for my ds, I bought then at Aniexpo convention (where I whore Ema skye costume with my boyfriends going as Klavier Gavin , funny thing I was Adult Ema and he was young Klavier :3)

Vintage AWESOME "onepice" I use this as a top XD from korea, My stephmother buys all her clothes in korea and she brought me some stuff (I still one more bbcreams!)

Flower chiffon maxidress <3 <3 LOVE THIS ONE!

You can`t see its colors very well but its still so cute *o* I love korean clothes so bad!

Skinny black jeans, a basic one for me!

Cher bag <3, I think this one is a fake one D: but its a present, and she was so excited when she gave me the bag so *o*

<3 pinkylove

This one was my fav of the bunch But its too transparent ._.

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  1. muy lindo todo, me acorde de la cantante ''cher'' cuando vi la cartera xD