lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Rilakkuma and things

So, not so long ago one of my best friends Kai Traveled to China and Japan, and he didn`t forget about this tiny lovely girl <3 style="font-style: italic;">Entonces al fin Andres me dio los regalitos que me trajo de China y Japon <3>

DNACAT <3 purse <3

DNAcat phonestrap

WE all should put a Relaxing bear to our bedroom I JUST LOVE RILAKKUMA <3

In other news I was REALLY sick I spend a whole week on bed so I couldn`t do Rin Kagamina as I was desire with Dollmaster as Len and Xuxu as herforevertobe Gackupo <3 but oh well, our Luka was sick too and our Teto wasn`t able to go because of the heavy rains (LOL VIDEOGAME NAME!) but we are planning to do a Vocacaloid Photoshoot, gosh my two sweethearts were so amazing they even did the props like the keyboard for len and the sword for Gackupo, but they were kinda sad because I was missing ... oh well, me too I Love them

En otras noticias no pude hacer de Rin kagamine como tenia pensado, con mi dos amigas y compañeras de cosplay, como len y gackupo respectivamente, es que estuve realmente enferma, una semana en cama ;o;, nuestra luka tambien se vio mala y no pudo llegarse y nuestra teto tampoco por las fuertes lluvias en el pais, sin embargo estamos planeando una sesion fotografica !! amo a mis chicas Xuxu y Doll .