sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Silly day!

So Yesterday I went out with my best friend to a shopping mall (I was going to buy red converse But I guess I have to think a lil bit better, black or red? what do you think?) But he did buy some things He wanted 3 t-shirts with awesome prints on them! <3 I adore the one with Sid, Kurt, Jim and all that rebels <3! and the Helvetica one ahaha so funny! (from Xic&Xoc, like the Xic&Xoc bitch he is....) Anyways I felt he was bored with me ;O; waaaah! OH WELL! we ate one of the coolest things ever! PIZZA IN A CONE! WAA *going crazy* AND IT WAS SO TASTY *O* ONNSFF!!

Ahahah pizza <3 so yummy and full loove <3 My cone killed usagi`s one! <3

M thinking of.... ehm :3

I looked very retro I love retro look but I also look kinda tired ._. Indeed I was

Usagi and me, we did some phonetrolling with some friends

My beetttttleee watch <3 I love it! Thnks Lenin, Its one of the best presents somebody gave me!

2 comentarios:

  1. Amé a la pizzita asesina! xD jaja nunca se me hubiese ocurrido comerla así, de hecho yo la como de una forma muy extraña [no lo publicare que me degollan por payasa jaja]

    La mariquita esta muy linda, yo tengo una parecida pero en rosa, es reloj, no? Me gusta el tono de tu cabello pero despues de que hice 3 intentos para llegar a uno parecido, me rendí xD jaja

  2. compralos negros nubia o.o te combinan mas o.o o rosados... los rojos son punk o.o, me gusto el vestido pero un poquito mas corto te quedaria mejor xD mi humilde opinion