sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Toy day

Mood: Sad
Song: Tommy Frebruary6-Jet aime <3>
Eating: Cherry Jelly >
Drinking: nuttin XD
Watching: my vaio pc ._.

One Day we were doing random things (like everyday) so we enter to one toyshop ! soooooooooo freaking amazing! *o* I felt like a child again

Juicy Couture Barbies *o* I TOTALLY LOVE JUICY COUTURE! I only have a neckclare, a bag and a parfum But I want so many things
Barbie 50th Deluxe Edition with others

Retro Barbie es tan genial
Sakura Card captor and Mei-ling Li : D!!! want that!

Do you remember this? IT`S KUROCHAN! awwwwww
(se le cae la cedula) >.<
Hermione Granger... for some reason that doll looks old, I mean IT`S old but she look like if she was 35 years old...
Edguar XD who is hell wants this? OH I KNOE WHO! -_-

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